Meat Project Information

Please note: For a meat chicken pen of 3 broilers each chicken must weigh 6 pounds each.  The pen total must be 18 pounds or higher.

September 3rd is the date of the 2016 Geauga County Livestock Auction.

Members with meat projects must attend a quality assurance program, send out buyer letters and be ready to auction at fair.  Here are some important things to know.


What are Buyer Letters?

Buyer letters is a 4-h members advertising tool for the auction.  You send buyer letters to businesses and people who will be able to buy your animals.  You are advertising not just for you but also for the whole auction so include information on when all of the animals are being auctioned off.  A picture of you and your animal is a good thing to include.  Buyer letters are sent from a couple months before fair until a couple days before the fair begins.  Sending too late though may make the letter not reach the buyer until after the fair.

Include in your buyer letter:

  • name
  • age
  • club name
  • information on your project
  • picture of you and your animal
  • sale dates, times and where they are
  • fair dates