Join Our Club!

     Anyone interested in joining our club and learning more about what we do can contact Mrs. Mary Ray at 440-285-7063.  I hope you join us!  Being a part of 4-h is a wonderful experience that helps its members to grow in maturity and responsibility.  It is a lot of fun too!  Hope to see you at the next meeting!

     We are a vibrant group of 4-h members focused mainly on market animal projects, although we welcome participation in other project areas as well. We preserve a welcoming atmosphere as our club continues to grow.

     Founded in late 2011, our club is still relatively young but brimming with experienced and dedicated members as well as newcomers, and we have seen much success so far.

     We meet at the Patterson Center or the Munson Town Hall and, in the summer months, at members’ homes or a Geauga Park District park. We meet on the third Thursday of every month from January through August. On each such day we have a business meeting, an educational speaker and a recreational activity. At our fall meeting we elect officers for the coming year and celebrate our past year’s work. At our December meeting we plan a service project and a club Christmas party.

     We embrace the 4-H motto “To Make The Best Better” and help kids of all ages to be responsible, caring and thoughtful people who like to have fun.

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