Chicken Information

To access information on poultry skillathon study guide go to  Poultry Skillathon –

An interesting link I found on poultry skillathon.  It goes through the stations, some questions you might be asked and what information will be required of you.

Chicken showmanship links:

Chicken Showmanship Demonstration – YouTube

Poultry Showmanship Demonstration – YouTube

Meat Chicken Information

  • Have a 22-26% protein in your feed to insure your birds receive enough protein.
  • Watch for fighting between the birds
  • Keep them as clean as a bird can realistically be
  • If you are unsure what feed to get PLEASE ask another 4-H member in the group.  Too many mistakes can happen if someone misinforms you.

Show Chicken Information

  • Make sure they have enough calcium in their diet
  • Feed layer feed not meat feed
  • Chickens can have leftovers but not everything.  Always look it up if you are not sure if they can have it.